Supporting the Community

National Science Fiction Conventions are non-profit events, and as such, any proceeds from the convention are donated to charity. But as an ongoing organisation, Au Contraire operates slightly differently to previous NatCons. Half of funds remaining after all our bills for 2016 have been paid will be donated to charity, and the rest kept as a seed fund for the next convention. In the long run, all proceeds will be going to charity; this just gives us a bit of a buffer. Au Contraire 2016 has chosen Shine as our primary charity. They will receive the proceeds from our charity auction, plus a share of the proceeds. Another share will be donated to SFFANZ.


Shine is New Zealand’s largest specialist domestic abuse charity. Founded in 1990, Shine provides a range of services all aimed at preventing domestic abuse and helping adult and child victims to get safe and stay safe. These services include a tollfree national Helpline (0508-744-633); safety planning and advocacy for adult victims (Shine safe@home) and child victims (KIDshine), women’s refuges, a men’s stopping violence programme (No Excuses), a range of professional training programmes and a workplace programme designed to support employees who are experiencing domestic abuse (DVFREETM). You can find out more about Shine and their services at, and donate directly to them through their website. You can also find Shine on Facebook at:


The Science Fiction and Fanstasy Association of New Zealand is a national body independent from, but working with, other science fiction and fantasy clubs and organisations around the country. As such, it hopes to be a major part of the structure of New Zealand fandom, enhancing liaisons between existing fan groups, providing support for events which transcend normal club structures (such as the annual national convention), and providing a national voice for fandom. SFFANZ contributes to the promotion of science fiction, fantasy, and fandom in New Zealand by encouraging communication between fan groups, encouraging the creation of new fan groups, providing a contact point for media, and increasing public awareness of local fan groups and activities. SFFANZ also organises the national science fiction and fantasy awards, the Sir Julius Vogel awards.