Au Contraire 2016 Special Events


Keeping It Real with Anna Mackenzie

How do you ensure your imagined world is compelling? Avoid being derivative? Create characters that readers will want to follow to the end of the universe?

This is a hands-on writing session/workshop looking at veracity and creating credible and compelling characters and worlds. This will work for beginners and for more experienced writers, who are either the midst of something or ready to start something new.

Anna Mackenzies students have enjoyed success in New Zealand and abroad. Sharpen your pens and polish your keyboards for this intensive two-hour session with one of New Zealand's leading YA writers.

Saturday 9-11am. Attendance strictly limited to 15 people. Emerging and experienced writers welcome.

Cost: $25 (in addition to Au Contraire 2016 registration). Register by email to

Anna Mackenzie is an award winning writer of dystopian, fantasy, contemporary and historic fiction. The Sea-wreck Stranger won an NZ Post Honour Award and Sir Julius Vogel Award, while Donnel's Promise was selected by iBooks as a Top Fantasy Pick of the Year. Anna's latest novel, Evie's War is receiving critical acclaim. Anna also teaches creative writing, mentors beginning writers and is VP of the NZ Society of Authors. You can find out more about Anna at her website.


7.00pm-9.00pm Saturday 4th March

Come join us and show off your creations. PRIZES for Best Costume; Most Creative; Best Skit

A scratch costuming workshop will be held from 2.00pm beforehand to assist in costume making.