Au Contraire 2016 Timetable

Cuba 4 & 5 (Courage and Peace)Cuba 2 & 3 (Trust and Strength)Cuba 1 (Hope)Coffee/Bar
0900-1500YA WRITERS STREAM - Piper Mejia (convener) Jan Goldie, Lee Murray, Celine Murray, Chad Dick, Jean Gilbert, Eileen Mueller, Alicia Ponder, Simon Fogarty, Kevin Berry, Shell Child
1800My First Con - Maree Pavletich   
1900Opening Ceremony   
2000Cocktail PartyFloating MarketPaul Mannering: Death Star Noir auditions, rehearsal planning 
2100Cocktail PartyFloating Market  
2200Cocktail PartyFilmFilking 
0900Ten Ways to Wow Them: Grace Bridges and Lee MurrayRepresentations of Disability in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Darian Smith (convenor) Andi Buchanan, Jan Butterworth, Kevin Berry, Sally McLennanWriters Workshop: Anna Mackenzie (fee based) 
1000What is copyright?: Elizabeth HeritageGender Diversity and Sexuality in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Gwendoline Nelson (convenor) Andi Buchanan, Catherine Lundoff, AJ Fitzwater, Celine Murray, Cas WandenOne page Work-ups with Grace Bridges of Splashdown Books
1100Psychology for Writers: Darian SmithWith a Little Help from Our Friends – Community Building: Dan Rabarts (convenor), Jan Butterworth, Ross Temple, Norman Cates, Eileen MuellerFilk Writer's Workshop: Gary Freedman, Daphne Lawless, Tanja Gardner
1300Weta Presentation: Norman CatesHow to plan and build an interplanetary mission: Mark English (with intro by Dan Rabarts)Paul Mannering: Death Star Noir auditions, rehearsal planning 
1400GOH Martin Wallace speechBoardgamingScratch Costuming Workshop: Terri Doyle 
1500NZin2020Publishers' Panel: I'VE WRITTEN A BOOK – NO, YOU'VE WRITTEN A MANUSCRIPT. Mary McCallum (convenor), Marie Hodgkinson, Andi Buchanan, Gerry Huntman, Deb Potter, Grace Bridges 
1600Young Writers: Summer Wigmore (convenor) Celine Murray, Emma Shi, Amelia SirvidPolitical Conflict & World-building: Darusha Wehm (convenor), Paul Gilbert, Simon Voysey, Kevin MacLean, Paul ManneringQuery Pitch/Critique Workshop: Lee Murray/ Marie Hodgkinson
1700Sci Fi Quiz: Jacqui SSpeed Filking: Daphne Lawless, Gary Freedman 
1900CosplayGaming/Fiction Crossover: Jenni Sands convenor, GOH Martin Wallace, Darusha WehmPoetry Slam: Piper Mejia (convener) Tim Jones, Emma Shi, Octavia Cade & Open Mic 
2000CosplayHorror: Paul Mannering (convenor) Dan Rabarts, Jenny Hammond, Gerry Huntman, Octavia CadeBoard gaming 
2100FilmIndependent Publishing/Promotion: Eileen Mueller (convener) Deb Potter, Grace Bridges, Mark Brewer, Cat ConnorBoard gamingWriters' Whine & Wine
2200Film Filking 
0900Live from Au Contraire 3: Peter King, Dan Rabarts, Michael Parry, AJ FitzwaterMonsters, Magic, Mayhem and Middle Grade: Jan Goldie (Convenor), Suzanne Main, Gerry Huntman, Deb Potter, Peter FriendSci Fi, Fantasy, & Music: Looking Back and Looking Forward: Daphne Lawless, Gary Freedman 
1000SFFANZ AGM1000 All the Punks: Dan Rabarts (convenor), Darusha Wehm, Gerry Huntman, GoH AJ FitzwaterGone But Not Forgotten - Shows Canceled Way Too Soon: Steve Litten, Craig Buchanan, Tanja Gardner 
1100GOH Juliet Marillier speechColouring in for Addicts Adults: Louise McCullySpecFicNZ AGM 
1300GOH AJ Fitzwater speechSpeculative Colouring InFrom Comics to Small Screen: Mel Duncan, Thomas Joychild 
1400Art showAt the Edge Book Launch: Dan Rabarts, Lee Murray, Marie Hodgkinson. With Paul Mannering and GOH AJ FitzwaterWot Yo Say: Steve Litten  
1500Art showMythology: Cassie Hart (convenor) Anna Mackenzie, Juliet Marillier, Alicia Ponder, Star Wars Origami Workshop - Build a BB-8! Martin Hunt 
1600AuctionForensics and Fiction: John Turner with Eileen Mueller (intro)Collaborative filking session - I've got this concept but can't get past the first verse/chorus: Gary Freedman, Daphne Lawless 
1700AuctionDeath Star Noir rehearsal: Paul Mannering and friends 
1900SJV Preparation   
2000SJV Ceremony   
2100Closing Ceremony   
2200Dead Dog Party Filking